Students are all trained at the same pace, regardless of prior experience, with the objective being to bring the entire class to the same level of proficiency, and working together as one team.

     Combining classroom instruction with intense inter-active, "hands-on" training, students are instructed and drilled in the basics beginning with Positions at the Halt, and progressing through Facing Movements, Marching, Manual of Arms, Casket Watch, and Casket Movement. An entire day is devoted to Flag Law, Flag Etiquette, and Color Guard Movement and protocols.  The training culminates with Flag Fold, Firing Party, and Bell Ceremony.

     With emphasis on attention to detail, students participate in team building and time management exercises, and are afforded ample time to learn and hone their skills.


The DFL Honor Guard Training  program is designed to provide our graduates with the necessary tools to undertake any assignment or mission associated with any Honor Guard detail and to instill the Pride and Dedication of the Honor Guard mission